Loans without guarantee and without payroll to pensioners and freelancers

Loans without payroll or collateral can get you out of an economic predicament! When you need money urgently, a quick loan can provide you with a financial relief that you need so much. But what happens to people who don’t have payrolls or endorsements? These people can also apply for a loan when they need it, as long as they meet the conditions and requirements of the company. You know! If you are a self-employed worker or a pensioner you can request your loan without payroll.

What are loans without payroll or collateral?

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Loans without payroll or collateral are special financing for autonomous persons. Surely, at this point you will be wondering if they are only for freelancers? The answer is no. In general, this type of financing is intended for those who receive income from other items such as pensions, rents, scholarships, grants, among others.

If this is your case, find out that you have the opportunity to apply for a loan immediately. You only need to have periodic income and that are sufficient to face the reimbursement of the money. Nor is it necessary for you to present a guarantor, who is responsible for the payment of the loan, in case you cannot pay on time. Usually, it is enough for companies to prove that you have the ability to pay.

Characteristics of loans without collateral and without payroll

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Loans without collateral and without payroll have a number of particular characteristics, know them below:

  • The amounts of these financing are modest and can be established between 50 and 1000 euros.
  • The interest rates applied to payroll loans may be above the market average. This is because they represent a high risk for private lenders.
  • The periods to reimburse the money of these credits can be between 5 days and two months.
  • Some credit organizations offer these financing to attract new clients. Therefore, they also add a promotion where no interest or commissions are paid. In other words you receive 200 euros and that is what you pay at the end.
  • They are completely flexible, because the requirements are very simple.
  • You can apply for these loans even if you are registered on the ASNEF list.
  • The application is completely online. You do not have to go to any physical office to request them.

Requirements to request loans without payroll

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The requirements to apply for loans without payroll or collateral are very easy to meet for any applicant. Next, we will detail them:

  • You must be between 18 and 75 years old. 
  • You have to prove consistent, verifiable and sufficient income.
  • Own a mobile phone in your name.
  • Having an active email account.
  • Have your ID / NIE in force.
  • Have an account in a bank in Spain that is in your name.

Pros and cons of loans without collateral or payroll

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The advantages of loans without collateral and without payroll:

  • The amounts are small but sufficient to cover unexpected emergencies.
  • The technology platforms of private lenders guarantee speed and speed in the management of financing. For this reason, you can receive them in just minutes.
  • The process is totally transparent. From the beginning you will be informed of fees and credit rates.


The disadvantages of loans without payroll and without collateral:

  • If you are under the age of 75 or older, you cannot apply for loans without payroll.
  • The interest rates charged for these credits are somewhat high.

How to request them?

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Applying for loans without collateral and without payroll is very easy. You just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Enter the website of the lender you have chosen to request the credit.
  2. Use the simulator to select the amount of money and know the fees and interest rates.
  3. Fill out the form with your personal and bank details.
  4. Send the information and expect them to verify your data.
  5. Expect to receive a text message or a call notifying you of funding approval.
  6. Sign the contract.
  7. Wait for the money. Usually, the transfer is made to your account in less than 15 minutes.

As you can see getting credits without paperwork is very easy and can get you out of trouble. Just comply with the requirements and conditions and in a short time you will receive your response.